Hempcrete or hemplime is a wall system acting as an insulation, humidity regulator, and subsurface for walls. Its amazing qualities make it far more than a standard insulation

Good for You

-There are no added chemicals such as fire retarders or stabalizers. Everything in hempcrete is natural, biodegradable, and reusable.

-The lime in hempcrete has a high Ph which makes it difficult for viruses, bacteria, and mold to survive

-This building system allows for vapor to move through the walls. Humidity is controlled naturally keeping your space in a comfortable and healthy level of moisture.

Good for the Earth

-Hempcrete is made with Hemp Core, Lime Binder, and Water. All these materials are completely natural and biodegradable

-The hemp and lime absorbs carbon more than it creates. Depending on distance of transportation this is either a carbon neutrul or carbon negative product!

Save on Energy

-Hempcrete is a dual method insulator. It has an R value of 2 per inch and a high thermal mass that makes this material extremely efficient. Thermal mass stores heat and cold for long periods of time and releases it slowly.

-Hempcrete is installed as a monolithic wall and eliminates normal thermal bridging where you lose a lot of energy.

-Compared to a basic built home you can expect to save 30-60 percent on energy bills.


Through the standard ASTM E84 test hempitecture has proven that not only is hempcrete fire resistant but it is in fact fireproof

Fire Rating on a scale of 0-450 this material rated 0


Flame Spread

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